Target families and topical subjects are covered in 13 exciting modules

Thematic Medicinal Chemistry: Modules 14 - 29.

The most interactive of all our Modules. Here, an exciting mix of animation, videos, interactive software have been put together to create an enhanced learning experience.

This section encompasses:


  • Proteases
  • GPCR
  • Kinases
  • Ion channels 
  • hERG: stucture, assays
  • hERG - The Four Principles
  • Antibacterials
  • Protein-Protein Interactions (PPI)
Each module retraces the discovery of a drug relevant to the target family and consolidates the principles of Medicinal Chemistry taught in Modules 1-6.


 'You have filled so many gaps in between some acquired 'half-knowledge' of Med Chem. It  just made sense. And many times I thought during the lecture: ' Oh, THAT'S what it's for!' K. H. Graduate. 


'Very much enjoyed the interactive nature of the course. Fun, exciting sessions, well planned and informative. Workshop style very good for learning'. ADME - hERG Course Edinburgh 2011