Over 25 years experience in major Pharmaceutical Companies


Med-Simple was formed in response to a real need in the pharmaceutical industry. Rapid yet progressive training of new staff with varying previous exposure to medicinal chemistry often poses difficult decisions for management committed to providing good quality training and effective communication. In addition to differing learning styles, training often has to cater for disparate backgrounds, abilities and academic levels. The Scientific Team at Med-Simple brings together over 25 years of medicinal Chemistry experience from 7 major pharmaceutical companies on subjects such as Medicinal Chemistry, ADME, peptide chemistry and combinatorial chemistry.


 Corinne Kay - Company Director and Lecturer

Corinne read Organic Chemistry at Lyon University, France (1984). She then joined Roche (1984-1990) as a medicinal chemist where she was involved in the Trocade as well as the Saquinavir projects. In addition, she played a key role in establishing a Solid Phase Peptide and Oligonucleotide synthesis facility in house. She then Joined Glaxo in 1990, where she has worked on a number of Protease and GPCR drug Discovery projects at various stages of lead discovery and lead optimisation. Corinne then obtained a GlaxoSmithKline sponsored PhD at the University of Cambridge (2000) having worked with Prof S V Ley, FRS on the discovery of novel solid phase amine linkers. She then joined Organon in 2001 where she became responsible for Medicinal Chemistry training of staff and more recently founded Med-Simple, a company specialising in applied Medicinal Chemistry training. She is the author of over 45 publications, book chapters and reviews in these areas. Her research interests include the design of chemical libraries, peptide synthesis, solid phase synthesis and ADME.



 Alain Moryoussef BSc, Hons. - Marketing

Alain obtained his BSc Hons in Chemistry at the University of Herfordshire and worked as a sales representative then Regional Manager (medical laser equipment - Dermatology & Esthetics) in Northern France.  Alain's forward thinking has been instrumental in shaping Med-Simple into the company it has become.

  Colette Perez CCPE - Accounts Manager

Colette has worked as an accountant in a number of multinational companies and has re-organised the accounts department at Med-Simple. She is fluent in 6 languages which is a tremendous asset for the company as we are deploying our on-line courses around the world.