We currently offer 6 Modules under this section

Principles of Medicinal Chemistry: Modules 1 - 6

Using 20 years of experience in pharma working on projects from 'target identification' right through to 'Phase 1' these modules have been designed to 'get to the point' and provide a solid understanding of the basics of Medicinal Chemistry.

Our six modules cover:

  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Optimisation
  • Pro-drugs
  • Enzymes and Receptors
  • Agonists and Antagonists
  • Bioisosteres and more
All key concepts are placed in their context and illustrated with real-life examples. Group work and literature abstraction as well as self-test quizzes maximise knowledge assimilation.


'The explanations were very good, the case study examples very relevant and the lessons to be learned worth emphasizing'. Group Leader. Organon.


'One of the best presenters I have come across. Make medicinal chemistry incredibly easy'. UCL.


'I have really enjoyed the course which has motivated me at work as my understanding has increased. We have accomplished so much in this course'. J.S. GSK.